Dubstep.sk EP 001

Five producers, one singer and four different forms of dubstep.

The first tune of the Dubstep.sk EP 001 is produced by Marino69, whose track „Mind tuning“ with dreamy vocals of singer Abigail fully delivers what its name promises. Ambient intro of Blackleg‘s track „Infinity Squared“ tunes up the mind for a never-ending walk through city streets. The third track bears the classic signature of producer Miretz, whose smasher Stuxnet is guaranteed to rock all dubheadz from the first second on. And finally, be prepared for a hallucinogenic trip of a tune „Muchomurka“, which is mixed by Influenza and Jazzcause.

Tracklist :

1. Marino69 – Mind tuning (with Abigail)
2. Blackleg – Infinity Squared
3. Miretz – stuxnet
4. Influenza & Jazzcause – Muchomurka

Design by : Adam Pizurny

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Dubstep.sk EP 001 by Dubstep.sk

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